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    Uploading a config causes an error.

    shutton New Member

      I am having an issue with multiple models of the NetVanta Routers when uploading configs. When I try to upload the config it will error out and send me to the firmware page of the GUI. There is an error on the page that says "could not find the processFile resource" Please let me know if you have seen this and if there is a resolution to this issue. I have upgraded the firmware to the 18-03-01-00.





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          @shutton - I have not heard of anyone running into the issue you are experiencing. Which particular models have you run into this error with? Are you able to restart the upload and have it complete or does it consistently fail? It would also be good to see one of the config files you had issues uploading. I will provide you with a method to provide the config file privately.


          If you run into this issue, there are several ways to upload the configuration using the CLI as well. These method are outlined in the document below. Although the guide refers to a factory-default config, the process will work with any configuration you wish to upload.




          Let us know if you have any questions.




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            shutton New Member

            By the way I think we have narrowed it down a little. It will upload fine when we are onsite. The issue seams to be remotely over https: that we have the issue. Let me know your thoughts.

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                cj! Beta_User

                Looks to be limited to https specifically, rather than which interface or security zone you use to communicate with the unit.  We typically don't use https when local, but I just tried it here in our office and the same behavior results.  Tested using Chrome and IE9; no difference.

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                  I apologize for the trouble you are experiencing.  This appears to be related to browser settings for IE9 or Chrome, when using HTTPS to upload a configuration from on a remote subnet.  We will continue to work on this issue and let you know when we have an update.  In the meantime, you can workaround this by doing any of the following:


                  1. Use the CLI, as suggested by Noor previously
                  2. Use HTTP
                  3. Access the GUI from a local subnet
                  4. Use the web browser Mozilla Firefox


                  Please, let me know if you have any further questions.