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    Can't use GUI after firmware update.

    ccg3 New Member

      Hi All,


      I've run into an odd issue this morning after upgrading the firmware on my NetVanta 3430 G2 w/EFP. The upgrade seemed to go without a hitch and the unit rebooted and is running just fine. However when logging into the router from a browser, the GUI appears, but the menu does not. An alert says "Error getting menu: TypeError: Cannot set property 'isLastRow' of undefined". I can manually navigate to the menus in the GUI and the CLI operates as expected.


      • The firmware upload wasn't interrupted in any way.
      • The file sizes appear to match.
      • I check the file hashes prior to uploading the firmware.
      • The firmware version uploaded was N3430v2A-R11-10-5-E.biz


      I searched the forums and found an instance of a similar issue, but in that case, Adtran decided that the flash storage was faulty and the unit was replaced. My 3430 is no longer in warranty, though.



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          jayh Hall_of_Fame

          Did you check the hashes after?


          You could try reflashing it by deleting the firmware and uploading it again. Alternatively, if there is sufficient room in the flash, delete the working image and then upload an older image and then the current one. The idea is to move the working image to a portion of the flash that isn't corrupt. Flash is soldered on these so without an SMD rework station it won't be an easy fix.

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              ccg3 New Member

              Hi Jay,


              Thanks for your reply. It seems that my latest reply and your reply were within a few seconds of one another. It looks like my browser's cache was somehow interfering with the GUI behavior. I'm not quite sure how, but after flushing my browser cache, the issue was resolved.


              Thanks for taking the time to reply and provide suggestions!


              FWIW: I did check the file hashes and they were good matches.

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              ccg3 New Member

              Found a simple solution (that I should have tried already), but I'll leave the post up in case someone runs across the same issue.


              Fix: Clear browser cache for any browsers used to access the GUI.


              [As an aside: My problem wasn't associated with the flash access. I found that there were no problems there. After determining that the flash storage was okay, I decided to flush my browser cache. That did the trick.]

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