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    DC UPS Options

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      I know that the 908e can use an external battery through the BBU port.  But it seems like that's a very basic charge/discharge line with no ability to monitor it.  In other applications I have powered equipment using something like the Cyberpower FTTx UPS units that can output DC voltage to the equipment.  This serves as a backup to the internal power supply in many cases, too.


      Are there any similar options to power this through a DC UPS or external power supply that's connected to a UPS through the BBU port on the 908e?  Or is my only "UPS" option through the primary A/C input?  It's the "recharge" function of that port which makes me nervous.


      I guess worst case I could use both a battery and a UPS on the A/C line, in which case the BBU would only take over if the UPS is exhausted.


      We're in a situation where we're required to provide 24 hours of backup power to the unit since the phone lines for the fire alarm system go through this.  We don't have an option for a traditional POTS line at this office.


      Any advice would be appreciated.



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          markfreeman Employee


          Only option you have for 908e products is to use a AC UPS  system and/or then have that UPS hooked up to a generator system.


          For future applications, use the NV 6360 which has a DC hookup built in to the chassis.


          Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.