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    Atran SBC provide trunks to 2 PBX IPs?

    sschnei New Member

      Can I configure an Adtran SBC to provide trunks PBX side to 2 different IP addresses?

      if so is there a configuration example on how this is done


      ISP providing 60 sip trunks via 2 Adtran SBC,

      ShoreTel PBX - sip trunks will terminate to 3 IP addresses - 20 trunks each

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          markfreeman Employee

          That should  not be a problem.


          What you do is for SBC1 you create sip trunk to SP, with a Trunk Account and Trunk Group.  Then you would create 3 Trunk Accounts to the SIP PBX, each with one of the IPs of the PBX. Then you would  put all three of the Trunk Accounts in a Trunk Group  going to PBX.


          Trunk Group to  PBX would look  like  this:


          Trunk-group PBX

            Trunk t50

          Trunk t51

            Trunk t52

            resource-selection circular

            accept $


          SBC2 would have the same configuration.


          It would be up to the SP to route the inbound calls to SBC1 or SBC2, When the SBC receives a call it will send  it  to one IP on PBX, next call would go to the 2nd IP, and next to 3rd IP, then start back  at 1.


          Let me know if you have any other  questions.


          Here is a helpful  config guide: