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    AOE & mysql/mariaDB

    bigmatt New Member

      I did a fresh install with CentOS 7, and when I log in as root, I will mount the cdrom in order to access the .bin file.  I copied that over to /tmp, then I would chmod, then install.  The installer launches and then in prompts that it will check for libraries, (press enter) then I get

      my.cnf Check


      A MySQL or MariaDB install has been detected on the server.  AOE requires MySQL and MariaDB to be uninstalled.  Aborting install.




      This is a fresh install.  The only thing that I can think of is that I added an Administrator account.  Otherwise, as soon as I was able to connect to network, I just ran the install.  I never downloaded or installed anything.

      Also, the install is CentOS 7 - minimum install.






      edit:  Couldn't reply, but thank you Mr. Torres.  You made my life a lot easier.  I just

      yum remove mariadb-libs.x86_64 

      and that worked.  Saved my life. 

      Have a good weekend.