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    Disable multilink ppp when T1 down

    calvine New Member

      How can I disable routing over a multilink ppp interface when one of the t1 links is down?


      This would be a simple matter with a track on the route, but "test if interface" does not support t1.


      The application is a TA908e with MLPPP over T1 for voice and backup WAN on eth 0/1. I want to avoid using the MLPPP interface when one of the member links is down, since it may not have sufficient bandwidth for the expected number of calls.

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          jayh Hall_of_Fame

          Adtran has no configuration for the minimum number of links in an MLPPP bundle. Curiously, you can specify a maximum.


          What's on the other end of the multilink PPP? If it's a Cisco, you can specify ppp multilink links minimum <number> on the Cisco side of the multilink interface. If a T-1 fails the line protocol will go down which will cause the TA908e to withdraw the route. 

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            calvine New Member

            Unfortunately, the TotalAccess 900e series is not one of the products open for submitting feature requests directly, and I don't have direct address to an Adtran sales representative.


            Submitting a Feature Request

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                tomlmma New Member

                I will be out of the office and returning Friday February 24th. Please

                call 207-326-2240 if you have an issue that needs immediate attention.


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