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    3430 SBC - No audio on pbx forwarded call

    ned New Member

      I just installed first SBC and have no audio when I forward a call to an outside phone number through the pbx. I have attached the config and debug info. Do I have a wrong setting on the 3430 SBC? I can fix it by telling the PBX to record all calls, but would rather not record all calls.

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          jayh Hall_of_Fame

          Your attached debugs don't show the SDP details which makes it hard to see exactly where the failure is happening. You might try setting voice transfer-mode network and/or voice forward-mode network.


          Configuring the PBX to record the call sets it up as a conference call with the PBX recording function being one leg of the conference.


          Be careful. Allowing a PBX to set up outside-to-outside forwarding is a vector for toll fraud. Make sure your PBX is well locked down in terms of web and DTMF passwords, also international calling.