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    DNS Masquerading / Redirect

    bridges86406 New Member

      I currently have a couple IPC that are hung off switches connected to 3458.

      I have a URL that I point to which is pointed at my Public IP : xxx.xxx.xxx.202.


      The cameras have port forwarding setup on ports 8000 - 8005, and I can access them perfectly when off of the network and it works fine with either the IP or the url: thatwebsite.com:8000.

      Unfortunatley if I try to use the URL while on my internal network it will not get me to the IPC.  However I can ping the URL from the 3458 with no problem.


      How can I fix this on the 3458?  Doing some research it appears that Adtran doesn't support DNS masquerading or DNS redirect as it was called on my old router. 


      Thank you in advance.

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          jayh Hall_of_Fame

          It gets tricky because there are two cameras with different internal IPs. If you can create a different hostname for each camera it will simplify things. Externally they can both resolve to the same IP.


          Populate the hosts table on the 3548 with the internal IPs, for example:


          host cam1.thatwebsite.com

          host cam2.thatwebsite.com


          Configure your 3548 to point to your normal outside resolvers:




          Configure domain-proxy:




          Set your dhcp server to use the internal gateway of the 3548 as its DNS resolver.


          Now from the inside, going to the URL for cam1.thatwebsite.com will resolve to the local inside IP.

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              bridges86406 New Member

              I actually have 6 cameras, so it's a little bit more complicated that I guess I let on.

              Your answer is correct.

              Unfortunately this won't really help me as I was trying to do this without have to setup all 6 cameras, twice in my NVR app.

              I was really looking for something that I could do that would allow me to just use one address that could be addressed both internally and externally.


              Just an FYI - During my research there were a couple documents that used including: https://supportforums.adtran.com/docs/DOC-2287#comment-2857

              The command ip debug dns-proxy does not work.