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    Questions about FXO Fail over

    tpearman New Member

      I have a potential customer through one of our partners, however they are needing a solution that I am having an issue with.


      They will have lines registered on the FXS ports (we'll say lines 1-4).  They will in addition to having 4 SIP lines from us, have 1 POTS line that hangs off the FXO that will be used for faxing.


      What they are wanting is the following


      FXS ports ring when called as normal.

      FXO port rings as normal when called


      We will then do an unavailable call forwarding in our switch, so if any of the lines become unregistered (say a internet outage) the SIP lines would then ring to the fax line (based on our switch settings). 


      I have the above working.  They are now attempting to throw a wrench into my plans....


      When line 1 is called (but unavailable, and sent to the POTS line by our switch) they still want the Adtran to be able to ring line 1 so that it can be answered so that even in the case of an internet outage they maintain phone service. I know that I can get that to work by associating the main line with the voice group trunk that the FXO is assigned to.  What I am hoping to accomplish is some setting that I am overlooking on the Adtran where if line 1-4 are called they ring as normal, if the POTS line is called it will only ring the pots line.  In case of an outage the POTS line will also ring on the main line.


      I know that is fairly hard to follow, but if anyone has any ideas that would be grea


      SIP lines in service


      line 1 ---| ring pair 1
      line 2 ---| ring pair 2

      line 3 ---| ring pair 3

      line 4 ---| ring pair 4

      FXO ---| ring pair 25


      SIP lines out of service

      FXO ---| ring pair 25 & Pair 1