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    Adtran ATLAS 830 and Polycom Serial Gateway

    tho.vo New Member

      Currently we have MGC 100 with MPI that connect to the Adtran 830 and inbound and outbound work perfectly fine, but when replacing MGC100 with RMX 2000  and Polycom serial gateway inbound does not work.  Outbound work perfectly fine, but inbound get a busy signal and the Adtran 830 display as user busy and unallocated number.  The serial gateway has a built in IVR, so shouldn't when an inbound call to the adtran should be routed to the Polycom serial gateway and play an IVR prompt.


      Adtran 830-->Port 1 (Polycom Serial Gateway, built-in IVR)--> RMX 2000 (MCU)

      Adtran 830 accept inbound number to port 1 (619-111-2222) directly connected to Polycom Serial Gateway port 1.

      Polycom Serial Gateway use EIA-530A and RS-366


      Adtran 830

      (I see that * CTS *RTS *DTR on the DTE status)


      Should I configure on the Polycom Serial Gateway to force the signal to look the same as the Adtran 830?  By default, the Polycom Serial Gateway only signaling is uncheck for force signaling. Please help me identify if any changes need to be done on the Adtran or the serial gateway.

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          patrick Employee

          The RTS (request to send) and DTR (data terminal ready) are signals sent from the Polycom. The CTS (clear to send) is sent from the ATLAS.


          It's been a while since I've gone over serial signaling, but with the Polycom sending RTS, I believe the ATLAS is seeing that as the Polycom trying to place an outbound call (and the ATLAS then sends CTS to give the "go ahead"), or at the very least "seizing" that port. So when the call comes in to 619-111-2222, the ATLAS sees that port as in use.


          Hope this helps,