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    TA 904 PRI to SIP route by ANI (from pri)

    capepete New Member

      I have a TA904 (and several TA908's) and have setup multiple SIP trunks and a local pbx connected to a PRI  (trunk T10 on the TA

      I would like to route outbound calls from the PRI out specific SIP trunks based on the callers source (ani OR cid)

      So if I were to have seperate TN blocks one block would go out trunk T01 and the other TNs would use trunk T01.


      So calls  from 1 555 444 124x  --> T01

      and calls from 1 555 444 125x --> T02


      I am not concerned with inbound paths just outbound


      Is this possible and what do I need to do to configure this behavior ?