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    Netvanta 3448 Successor?

    python09 New Member

      We currently use the Netvanta 3448 across the business. The router can do anything we require and it operates really well, though we are looking to upgrade. The primary reason is due to the 100Mb/s switchports. Is there a newer model that is similar, but with 1Gb/s switchports? Possibly with some fiber ports as well for upgrades later down the road?


      I've been looking around and the NetVanta 1544 series seems to fit the bill, but I'm just not sure. The business has 5 retail stores and would be considered a small-medium sized business in the networking world. Other than basic routing, we don't do anything elaborate with our networking.


      If I could get any help choosing a decent upgrade for these routers, it would be greatly appreciate.