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    SIP stack timer retransmit

    mcdeeiis New Member

      I am seeing this "SIP stack timer retransmit" every now and then in the log. Also I see this suspicious ip address that when I googled showed the following details:   --> Avast --> Some ip in France described as in abuseipdb.com


      I restricted both the ip with a subnet on my firewall but I still see these in the adtran logs. Any help is really appreciated.

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          jayh Hall_of_Fame

          Your firewall probably doesn't apply it to the "self" context, so it blocks traffic through the device but not to the device. Firewalling these attackers individually doesn't scale very well.




          Create a standard access-list sip-access. include in it the IPs of the external SIP servers of your provider(s) as well as any internal subnets with SIP phones

          Apply it to the SIP process.


          ip access-list standard sip-access

          permit ! internal phone subnet

          permit host  ! Provider's SIP server


          sip access-class ip "sip-access" in