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    Adtran TA924 incoming calls not going through

    acoolov New Member

      Cloud hosted FreePBX on a public IP.

      Few IP phones connected to the home router (Ubiquiti USG). Always work properly. No issues with IP phones.

      I’m trying to connect an Adtran TA924 device to be able to connect some analog phones to the PBX.
      FXS Port 1 on the Adtran is configured as Analog Station and pointed to a SIP trunk.
      SIP trunk is pointed to the public IP of FreePBX and is showing registered on both Adtran and FreePBX.


      I can make calls from my Buttset to any IP phone, but no calls come through from IP phone to the Buttset.

      These are a few of the last lines from the CLI when I make a call to the Buttset.


      What could be wrong?