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    Atlast 890 lost its configuration, went blank as if it were new. It was disconnected from power for a while, I wonder if there is a memory battery on some module?

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      This unit is used in a portable system to groom multiple incoming T1s coming from a constellation of TSU600e channel banks and Netvanta routers.. Because it is only used 3 times a year for special events, it sits unpowered for long periods of time.

      It is the hub of a large deployable radio communications system for special events,

      It grooms each incoming T1 from TSU600s at multiple remote sites into 8 E&Ms, 1 FXS, and the balance of the DS0s are aggregated into a data pipe. The pipes leave the Atlas and hit a 4305 router that is a multipoint layer 2 bridge. Each endpoint of the system has a TSU600e and a 1224 router.

      I have owned this unit for about 10 years. Never a single peep of trouble.
      It has:
      * Dual 48V DC power supplies which are themselves supplied by a 24V to 48V step up switching power supply.
      * Dual system controllers
      There are no errors showing,
      All module related LEDs on the front panel are green.
      The map is empty. It was last powered up in January and February of 2018. It is now August of 2018.

      We think that the step-up power supply overheated and shut down. There was an alarm showing on the front panel. Not sure if something that occurred in this shutdown might have scrambled the map.

      It appears to be OK after allowing the step up supply to cool off, but it is as blank as if it were new from the box.