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    vWLAN version 3.2.0-HB Has Been Released

    evanh Employee

      vWLAN Version 3.2.0-HB has been released. 3.2.0-HB is a  hotfix version of 3.2.0 that resolves issues with upgrades. Use the below rules to know what version to upgrade to:


      • If you are on version 2.6.2 or below, upgrade to 2.6.2.HC -> 2.8.0 -> 3.2.0-HB
        • 2.8.0 was a release gate. All releases below it must upgrade through it. 2.6.2.HC is required to fix several migration issues.
      • If you are on version 2.8.0 to 3.2.0, upgrade to 3.2.0-HB
      • If you are on version 3.2.0-HA, you do not have to upgrade to 3.2.0-HB but may if you choose to do so.


      Before upgrading, please see the BSAP and vWLAN 3.2.0 Release Notes and addendum comments on the release notes page.


      It is recommended to run vWLAN version 3.2.0-HB with AP version 3.2.0-HC.


      Software Downloads
      vWLAN (Appliance or Virtual Appliance)
      BSAP 1920/1925

      BSAP 1930/1935/1940

      BSAP 2020
      BSAP 2030/2035/2135
      BSAP 3040/3045