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    PRI Between TA 908e and Shoretel T1K

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      I'm running into an issue with the T1 hand-off between an Adtran 908e Gen 2, and a Shoretel T1K


      Due to a hardware failure, we are replacing an Adtran Total Access 904 (Gen 2) (R13.5.1.E) with a Total Access 908e (Gen 2) (R13.5.0.E).

      These devices hand off to a Shoretel SG-T1K


      Using the exact same cable, moving from T1 0/2 of the TA 904  to T1 0/3 of the TA 908e, the interface remains in a DOWN status. But when the same cable is connected to the TA 904, I did confirm that the status of T1 0/2 changes to an UP status.

      I created a loopback cable and confirmed that T1 0/3 of the TA 908e changed to an UP status.. No errors were observed when sending test pattern (QRSS)


      But again, moving the exact same cable to the T1 0/3 interface of the 908e, the interface doesn’t come up.

      I did this for all 4 T1 ports of the 908e, and none of them came up.


      For troubleshooting purposes I created several cable variations (straight through, cross-over, T1/NET cross-over (1-4,2-5) T1/NET straight through, etc.) none of which caused a change in status of the interface. The only exception was the Loopback, that brought the interface to an “UP” status. 


      I went as far as adjusting the T1 interface’s lbo to match the length of the cable, or attempt to compensate for /any/ possible noise by adjusting the dB level of the lbo.. None of which worked either..

      Changing the primary timing source to T1 0/3 didn't change anything due to the DOWN status of the T1 interface.

      I changed the timing source back to internal as the primary, and T1 0/3 as the secondary.

      I also confirmed that both switch types are National ISDN 2.

      I have also updated the tdm-group from 1 to 3 (and reversed) with no change.


      The SIP trunk is registered, and have had no issues on the SIP side of this configuration.


      interface t1 0/3

        description Hand-off to PBX

        framing esf

        coding b8zs

        lbo long 0

        fdl ansi


        remote-alarm rai


        snmp trap link-status

        no snmp trap threshold-reached

        no snmp trap line-status

        tdm-group 3 timeslots 1-24 speed 64

        no shutdown


      interface pri 1

        description pri 1


        isdn switch-type ni2

        role network b-channel-restarts enable

        no isdn name-delivery

        no calling-party override

        calling-party presentation allowed

        calling-party screening auto

        no area-code

        no calling-party number

        calling-party name-facility-timeout 2

        connect t1 0/3 tdm-group 3

        digits-transferred all no-prefix

        redirecting-number as-received

        no isdn alert disable pi-8

        no isdn connect enable pi-2

        no isdn setup enable pi-1

        no isdn setup enable pi-3

        isdn setup enable redirecting-number

        isdn pi-location public

        no isdn supplementary-service tbct

        no isdn supplementary-service tbct notify-controller

        no isdn supplementary-service tbct transfer-counters

        isdn supplementary-service tbct active-transfers 100

        isdn supplementary-service tbct transfer-rate 10

        isdn supplementary-service tbct d-channel-id auto

        snmp trap link-status

        no shutdown


      isdn-group 1

        call-type any

        incoming-accept-number $

        min-channels 0

        max-channels 0

        resource pool-member

        connect pri 1


      timing-source internal


      timing-source t1 0/3 secondary


      voice class-of-service Default






        call-privilege all




















      voice codec-list "G.711 & .729"

        no default

        codec g711ulaw

        codec g729


      voice codec-list TRUNK

        no default

        codec g711ulaw




      voice trunk T01 type sip

        description "SIP"

        resource-selection circular descending

        no reject-external

        no caller-id-override number-inbound

        no caller-id-override name-inbound

        caller-id-override emergency-outbound match-substitute

        no caller-id-override privacy-outbound match-substitute

        no trunk-number

        no busy all

        match ani "$" add p-asserted-identity [redacted]

        sip-server primary [redacted] udp 5060

        sip-server rollover timeout-only

        no sip-server validation

        no snmp trap registration

        registrar primary [redacted] udp 5060

        registrar threshold percentage 50

        registrar expire-time 3600

        registrar max-concurrent-reg 32

        registrar require-expires

        no outbound-proxy primary

        no conferencing-uri

        domain ""

        dial-string source to

        no sip-keep-alive

        max-number-calls 23

        no alert-info incoming auto-answer

        no alert-info outgoing auto-answer

        register [redacted] auth-name [redacted] password encrypted [redacted]

        no trust-domain

        no p-assert-diversion

        no check-supported replaces

        no subscribe

        no alc

        no rtp dtmf-relay offer

        no rtp media video filter


        codec-list TRUNK both

        no prefer trunk-routing

        no grammar request-uri host-resolve

        grammar request-uri host sip-server

        grammar from host sip-server

        no grammar from host override registered-users

        grammar from user domestic

        grammar p-asserted-identity host sip-server

        grammar to host sip-server

        grammar supported 100rel

        no grammar require 100rel

        no grammar proxy-require privacy

        grammar alert-info url

        grammar user-agent default

        grammar user-agent include firmware-version

        no grammar user-agent include serial-number

        no grammar user-agent include hostname

        no grammar user-agent include custom-text

        grammar refer-to intratrunk-attended-transfer source to-from

        no trunk-group-id

        authentication username [redacted] password encrypted [redacted]

        default-ring-cadence internal

        no update-supported


        no transfer-mode

        no ringback override 180

        no ringback override 183

        prefer double-reinvite

        prefer reinvite-without-sdp

        no sip-server monitor


      voice trunk T02 type isdn

        description "PRI"

        resource-selection circular descending

        no reject-external

        no caller-id-override number-inbound

        no caller-id-override name-inbound

        no caller-id-override emergency-outbound

        no caller-id-override privacy-outbound match-substitute

        connect isdn-group 1


        no alc

        no modem-passthrough

        no modem-passthrough cng-early-detect

        no t38

        t38 redundancy high-speed 0

        t38 redundancy low-speed 0

        t38 max-buffer 200

        t38 max-datagram 72

        t38 max-rate 14400

        t38 ced length 3000

        no t38 ced auto-generate

        no t38 generate-cng

        no t38 cng-relay-selective

        t38 v21-preamble-timeout 1700

        t38 error-correction redundancy

        t38 ecm enable

        t38 fallback-mode g711

        no vad

        no plc


        no anlp


        rtp tx-gain 0

        rtp rx-gain 0

        rtp frame-packetization 20

        rtp delay-mode adaptive

        rtp packet-delay nominal 50

        rtp packet-delay fax 50

        rtp packet-delay maximum 100

        no rtp qos dscp

        rtp dtmf-relay nte 101

        no media-loopback

        no codec-list

        no prefer trunk-routing



      voice grouped-trunk NETWORK

        no description

        resource-selection linear

        trunk T01

        accept $ cost 0



      voice grouped-trunk PRI

        no description

        resource-selection linear

        trunk T02

        accept $ cost 0


      t1 0/3 is DOWN

        Description: Hand-off to PBX

        Transmitter is sending remote alarm

        Receiver has loss of signal, loss of frame

        T1 coding is B8ZS, framing is ESF

        FDL type is ANSI

        Line build-out is 0dB

        No remote loopbacks, No network loopbacks

        Acceptance of remote loopback requests enabled

        Tx Alarm Enable: rai

        Last clearing of counters 3d 15:34:29

          loss of frame  : 1, current duration 3d 15:34:28

          loss of signal : 1, current duration 3d 15:34:28

          AIS alarm      : 0

          Remote alarm   : 0



        DS0 Status: 123456789012345678901234


        Status Legend: '-' = DS0 is not allocated

                       'X' = DS0 is allocated (nailed)



        Signaling Bit Status: 123456789012345678901234

                         RxA: ------------------------

                         RxB: ------------------------



                         TxA: ------------------------

                         TxB: ------------------------




        Line Status: -- LOS -- Red -- Tx Yellow --



        5 minute input rate 0 bits/sec, 0 packets/sec

        5 minute output rate 0 bits/sec, 0 packets/sec

        30 second input octet rate  0 bytes/sec, frame rate 0 packets/sec

        30 second output octet rate 0 bytes/sec, frame rate 0 packets/sec

        5 minute input octet rate  0 bytes/sec, frame rate 0 packets/sec

        5 minute output octet rate 0 bytes/sec, frame rate 0 packets/sec

        Current Performance Statistics:

          0 Errored Seconds, 0 Bursty Errored Seconds

          0 Severely Errored Seconds, 311 Severely Errored Frame Seconds

          311 Unavailable Seconds, 0 Path Code Violations

          0 Line Code Violations, 0 Controlled Slip Seconds

          0 Line Errored Seconds, 0 Degraded Minutes



        TDM group 3, line protocol is not set

          Encapsulation is not set



      pri 1 is DOWN

        Description: pri 1

        Switch protocol:  National ISDN 2

        Signaling role:  network (NT) b-channel-restarts enabled

        b-channel-restarts:  enabled

        Calling-party override:  disabled

        Calling-party presentation:  allowed

        Calling-party screening:  auto

        Calling-party number:  (no number configured)

        Digits transferred all

        Name-delivery:  disabled

        Progress indicator #8 in alerting message:  enabled

        Progress indicator #2 in connect message:  disabled

        Progress indicator #1 in setup message:  disabled

        Progress indicator #3 in setup message:  disabled

        Progress indicator location:  public

        resource-selection: circular descending

        TBCT:  disabled

        area code: 

        Transmission of redirecting numbers is enabled

        Redirecting numbers: sent as received

        Connected interface: t1 0/3 tdm-group 3

        Channel status 123456789012345678901234


          Legend: - = Unallocated        . = Inactive

                  A = Active B channel   B = Backup D channel

                  D = Active D channel   M = Maintenance

                  R = Restart

        Last clearing of "show interface" counters: never

          0 packets input, 0 bytes, 0 no buffer

          0 runts, 0 giants, 0 throttles

          0 input errors, 0 CRC, 0 frame

          0 abort, 0 discards, 0 overruns

          0 packets output, 0 bytes, 0 underruns