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    experiencing disconnects with MS Remote Desktop sessions

    dimm0k New Member

      We currently have Verizon service for Internet and VOIP whereby they installed an AdTran TotalAccess 900e device to provide both services. We have users utilizing the Internet connection to connect to a Windows Remote Desktop server and the issue faced is that randomly throughout the day users would get disconnected from the server. This does not happen to the users at the same time so while it may happen to the first user, the second user may not experience it until later. One thing is certain though, the second user will experience sooner or later. It happens to all users who use this connection multiple times a day. We have contacted Verizon on this matter and it seems like they've done everything they could and that the only solution left is to obtain two separate connections, one for VOIP and one for Internet thereby having an underutilized VOIP connection. What we have done so far either on my own or via Verizon are:


      reduced the number of hops going from our site to the remote server

      replaced all cables between the outside line, AdTran router, and to our network switch

      replaced the AdTran


      luckily we have a secondary Internet line, Verizon FIOS, that does not exhibit any of these disconnects and was able to use this to ultimately determine the cause is something on the AdTran that's causing the disconnects. out current setup is as follows: outside -> Canoga -> AdTran -> local LAN. after connecting a laptop to port Gig 0/1 and still getting the disconnects, Verizon had me introduce a switch between the Canoga and AdTran and then connect a laptop to the switch effectively bypassing the AdTran for Internet. it only during this time that this connection did not experience any disconnects! are there any experts out there than can help determine what might be the cause of this before ultimately sticking with this latter setup?