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    Connecting a network trough a switchport on a Netvanta 3448

    dlazure New Member

      hi guys


      here is my setup :


      I have a netvanta 3448 on site with 2 wan access. The first Wan link is my SIP trunk and the seconth link is to connect my phone system on Site A to the phone system in Site B.

      My phone system is connected on the switchport 1. My issue is i need to connect the Lan of my customer on the 3448 to be able to see the phone system from their network for softphone use.


      the phone system ip address is on Vlan 1


      can i connect my customer Lan into the 3448 by a switchport?


      we tried connecting the switchport 2 to the customer sonicwall switchport where they programmed the interface on the same subnet as my vlan 1 but it didnt work. i was able to ping their network from my laptop connected to the 3448 on vlan 1

      but we were not able to ping the netvanta from their Lan wich is weird to me



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          Thank you for asking this question in the support community.  I will be happy to help, but I'm confused as to what you are intending to do.  Do you have a network diagram with what you are trying to accomplish?  Is the customer's LAN in the same subnet as the phone system (VLAN 1)?  What subnets need to communicate, or over what interfaces?  What does the Sonicwall have to do with the network design?


          If you get a chance, please reply with some additional information, and I will be happy to assist you in any way I can.



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              dlazure New Member

              thanks for the reply Levi


              I do not have a diagram but i will try to answer your questions


              at this moment my Phone system is connected through the switch port 0/1 on Vlan 1 :

              I would like to connect another Lan by the switch port 0/8 on wich i have programmed the vlan 100 in the same subnet as my customer network :


              My customer have his own network on the subnet without vlans with his own internet access via a sonic wall router.


              I need to connect my Lan segment with the 3448 to his Lan segment by a switchport because i have no other WAN ports left.


              i am not sure if it is possible


              my objective is to be able to connect to the phone system connected to Vlan 1 in the 3448 switch port 0/1 by their network who cna be linked to my lan through switch port 0/8 vlan 100


              am i clear enough?