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      I have several adtran 712 ip phones and have upgraded them to the latest firmware (Firmware Version 2.3.0 Boot Firmware Version 2.1.0).  I am having an issue with the Reg.AuthUserID only accepting 16 characters.  (is there any way past this limitation?)  'organization002_1001' is what i want it to be but the gui of the phone only accepts 'organization002_'


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          It appears the GUI of the phone has a character limit, but in a test I was able edit the actual configuration file the phone downloads and change the value without a problem.  You can download a sample configuration file for an IP 700 here.  However, I would like to note that there would be no reason to edit this field manually in the configuration file when using the IP 700 with a NetVanta 7000 series unit or in conjunction with NetVanta UC server, and that they are not supported by ADTRAN unless being used on one of those systems.