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Hi there, I'm hoping this is a simple(r) question.   We are a small tech support company, and are pretty technically proficient, but we are normally dealing with routers such as… (Show more)
in NetVanta 3100 Series
Created a ACL with nat destination that used to work, but then my IP number changed, so I needed to change the ACLs to reflect that.   After changing them, only the first host works.   So in the… (Show more)
in NetVanta 4000 Series
I have a TA900 Gen3 that we are connecting via a VPN to a SIP Server. I have a VPN using the WAN interface as the endpoint to an endpoint just prior to the SIP Server. I have a private IP subnet… (Show more)
in Total Access 900/900e Series
We inherited a VoIP deployment with 30+ 908 gateways that have repetitive issues. Currently, at least once a week a gateway has ports on it that are unable to break dial tone. Our current solution is… (Show more)
in Total Access 900/900e Series
On a SIP Trunk (using a NV3140) what is the recommendation for setting the transfer, forward, and feature modes?  Local or Network? Should this be set globally or within each SIP Trunk (one trunk… (Show more)
in NetVanta 3100 Series
I have a location in the UK that wants to replace their digital PBX with an IP based PBX. They have a carrier WLR3 ISDN 30 ETSI voice circuit that I'd need to convert to SIP and deliver to an IP PBX.… (Show more)
in NetVanta 6000 Series
I have noticed that Adobe Flash Player is going to "go away" in December 2020.  Our NV7100 Management Interface has to have Flash Player to run.  Will there be software updates?  How will we be able… (Show more)
in NetVanta 7000 Series
Question: In the web interface of the SDX-8110-x series switches, what does the Save button on many of the pages actually do since I do not see any changes in the Startup-config?   Answer:  This…
Question: Where are the Console events when connected to the CLI?   Answer: Real-time port status changes are not seen in the AMSE console or CLI connections. The command #sh logging will show…
Question: Where are the VLAN tags in Port mirroring on AMSE   Answer: VLAN tags are not provided on the destination port of an AMSE switch ( different than AOS ). Therefore all packets captured…