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Trying the activate the new (second one as a backup) PRI channel, the provider asked me what type signal is used on our Adtran (National ISDN, Lucent 5E, or AT&T 4ESS or EuroISDN or Northen DMS-100?… (Show more)
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Path is customer managed cucm and cube to sipt to an adtran we manage for them. Calls from other locations are good. But calls from this location fail to the error:   12:02:57.442 SIP.STACK MSGSUM… (Show more)
in Total Access 900/900e Series
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I recently took over managing a NetVanta UC server. I don't have much detail on the software specs and I can't contact the previous admin for the system.   So, the software has been working fine for… (Show more)
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Update: Version 3.2.0.HA has been released to resolve this issue. The OVA and qCow image will follow shortly.   ----------------------------------------------History… (Show more)
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