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Greetings folks, My customer (MS Lync) is sending me sip calls in a +1NXX-NXX-XXXX format through a NV3140eSBC, to my softswitch. Lync Server sends +1NXX-NXX-XXXX for a long-distance call… (Show more)
in NetVanta 3100 Series
We have two PRIs that our site uses for Video Teleconferencing.  They terminate in an Atlas 890.  We’ve had sporadic issues in the past, but normally the issue stemmed from the TELCO.  Currently,… (Show more)
in ATLAS 830/890 Series
This document lists the end of support dates for versions of AOS.  All versions of AOS prior to R10.1 have reached end of software support, with the exception of the product and version combinations…
in NetVanta (AOS) Documentation
I believe I have two issues but would like to confirm.   First I have an automated check running that will PING the hosts as well as initiate an SSH session, I am assuming from my reading this… (Show more)
in MX 2820 Series
I believe issue is with Caller ID. TA908e 3rd. Outgoing calls get a fast busy. I can see the channel being accessed, then times-out. Incoming calls are directed to a failover automated attendant in… (Show more)
in Total Access 900/900e Series
Our company is setting up a network and access points for a church. My task is to set this up using the equipment that was donated. One of those items is a 3rd-gen NetVanta 1234P to work with.   The… (Show more)
in NetVanta 1200 Series
We are using the NetVanta 644 device because of its ability to handle 4 PRI connections coming from a PBX.  The device will be using a blended circuit that has a direct Internet connection and an… (Show more)
in NetVanta 600 Series