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Core: R12.3.2.E\source/Kernel/Private/Arch/PowerPC-8260/IsrHandler.cpp#280: AdFatal(DMMU: Dadr=0x00000010, Iadr=0x011FA678: No permission to read.  StackTrc:  011FA678 005FFA08 00E812B4 0103F8A4… (Show more)
in NetVanta 1300 Series
I'm at a loss for what the problem is throughout my four district locations. We've always had issues with our wireless clients connecting to wireless printers. I consistently get work tickets from… (Show more)
in Software (vWLAN)
Here is the essential configuration applied so far with no success.   1) Telephone will not pick up an IP address from the DHCP server. 2) The telephone server and default gateway for the voice… (Show more)
in NetVanta 1500/1600 Series
How to install and upload virtual VPN licenses for a netvanta 3140? I already registered them on the portal, now what is the next step?   Thnx
in NetVanta 3100 Series
3448 503: server error accessing through the GUI. There are no other problems. Everything else is working on the router and I can always successfully log in through the CLI. Running latest firmware… (Show more)
in NetVanta 3400 Series
We recently switched over to Office 365, and I am updating email alerts on our 7000 series routers. I was wondering if the sender email address for the emergency call email alerts has to be an… (Show more)
in NetVanta 7000 Series
I know this discussion has been had before, but the most recent link provided to download a converter, does not download a converter at all. It simply downloads current music provided by Adtran. Is… (Show more)
in NetVanta 7000 Series
Bluesocket should look into Layer 7 filtering for WIFI.  This would be a great enhancement to the product by being able to dive into what sites users are hitting or doing any additional…
I need to allow all traffic to and from two different VLAN's with the 3430 doing the routing.  This is an Adtran switch as well and the switchport mode is trunk that connects to the router.… (Show more)
in NetVanta 3400 Series