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    Config generators

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      Many software tools (monitoring software, websites, other utilities) have the ability to produce configs or partial configs for Cisco IOS.  I have seen some great TCL script examples for AOS.  Anyone know of other tools that are able to generate AOS configs?

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          Thank you for the question.  In the past, ADTRAN created a configuration generator for the first and second generation NetVanta 3200 series routers:  http://www.adtran.com/web/SoftwareDownload/1411/sw/2799.  This was replaced and enhanced with ADTRAN Operating System's (AOS) implementation of the Graphical User Interface (GUI).  Currently, people tend to use the GUI as a configuration generator.  Many ADTRAN products have a "Getting Started" page in the GUI that can be used to quickly create a configuration, and then from Utilities > Configuration > Download Config the file can be exported easily.