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    1335 POE - all lights solid - boot hangs

    john New Member

      Upon powering up a 1335 POE, all LED's cycle one time, then all green/red LED's remain on solid.  Post does not complete.

      Tried to access via console cable but cannot obtain a sign in prompt.  Garbage characters across the screen, so I suspect an issue with the boot code or corrupt boot file.

      Is this a repairable issue in the field, or does the boot ROM or flash need to be replaced at the manufacture?




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          You may be able to attempt to repair the NetVanta 1335 if you are able to get into bootstrap. Please try the method below:


          - While the NetVanta 1335 is booted up, establish a console connection through the serial console port on the back of the 1335.

          - With the console connection still active, power cycle the NetVanta 1335.

          - While the NetVanta 1335 attempts to boot, hit escape continuously until you see the "bootstrap#" prompt


          If you are able to get into bootstrap, then you can attempt to erase the flash filesystem and then to upload a new firmware image. The command to erase the filesystem is "erase file-system". If you are unable get into bootstrap, then there is not much that can be done onsite and the NetVanta 1335 will need to be sent in for a repair and return RMA.


          You can submit an RMA request at this link: http://www.adtran.com/web/page/portal/Adtran/wp_support_rma


          Let me know if you have any questions regarding your issue.




          • 1335 POE - all lights solid - boot hangs
            john New Member


            Unfortunately using the esc key method was not able to connect either.  Looks like I'll have to RMA the unit in this case.

            Thanks for your response.  I certainly appreciate it.



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              levi Employee



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