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    Question regarding NV3448

    brianwilliams New Member

      Good evening Adtran support,


      I am pretty familiar with the NV3448 as our company has deployed them frequently in the past. I’ve run into a theoretical situation that I would like to get confirmation on. Let’s assume that we have a NV3448 at a location. Eth 0/1 is connected to a LAN switch and Eth 0/2 is serving as the edge for the WAN. Eth 0/1 is broken down into sub-interfaces to match up with the multiple VLANs used in the environment. We are not at the moment using the 8-switchports on the back of the device.

      Now, what I would like to do is bring in an additional WAN connection to serve as a fail-over in case the primary WAN connection fails. To do so, I would need to reconfigure Eth 0/1 to handle the backup WAN and let Eth 0/2 continue to handle the primary WAN. Would I then be able to use the 8-switchports on the back to connect to the LAN? For instance, could I configure the sub-interfaces that lived on Eth 0/1 as VLANs on the 8-port switch, trunking one of the ports for all of the VLANs and connect that to a LAN switch?


      So, in essence it would look like this:

      Eth 0/1 – failover WAN (TWTelecom)

      Eth 0/2 – primary WAN (TWC)

      Switchport-1 – trunked for VLANs 1, 10, 20 and connected to LAN distribution switch.

                      VLAN 1 – same IP as Eth 0/1.1

                      VLAN 10 – same IP as Eth 0/1.10

                      VLAN 20 – same IP as Eth 0/1.20


      As always, thank you greatly for providing your expertise!

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          @brianwilliams - You are correct in your understanding. If you move your LAN connection to the switchports, you will need to configure VLAN interfaces instead of ethernet sub-interfaces as you did before. Simply set one of the switchports as a trunk. This can be done in the web GUI, by navigating to the "Ports" page and changing the mode from there, or in the CLI by going into the "interface switchport 0/x" command set and issuing the "switchport mode trunk" command.

          Keep in mind that NetVantas only support 802.1q trunking encapsulation, and that the device terminating the other end of the trunk will need to have the same encapsulation. Also, by default, VLAN 1 is the native VLAN unless otherwise specified.

          Let us know if you have any other questions.