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    International call conversion - Q931 to SIP

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      We are using TA924e to convert PRI to SIP.   One of our customers is having problem to send international call over this PRI-to-SIP setup.   They do not send the complete dialing digits - neither in E.164 format (i.e. +94238517476) nor with prefix 011 . (e.g.  they just send standard 10 digits)  However, in their Q931 signaling message, they indicate that it is international call. Our soft switch is able to recognize similar international call over ordinary ISDN-PRI (i.e. Q931) but not over SIP without international access code (i.e. E164 / 011 prefix).  


      How can I configure the IAD to append the "011" or "+" on dialing digits in SIP message when international call is only indicated in the Q931 message (TON Octet)?

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          Great question. By default, the TA 900 won't do anything special to international calls originating from the PBX. You can enable the ADTRAN to look for the international call type by configuring an ISDN number template. The template would define the call type, the called party string to match, and the prefix to add.


          In your case, the template would look something like this:


          isdn-number-template 1 prefix 011 international X$


          You could also add E.164 formatting by using the following command:


          voice international-prefix abbreviated


          That should do it!

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            I went ahead and marked this post as "assumed answered".  Feel free to mark any correct or helpful answers from this post.  If you still need assistance with this issue I would be more than happy to help, just let me know in a reply.