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    Centrally managed wireless across WAN

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      Good afternoon Adtran Support,


      Currently we have multiple NV1335 and NV3448 devices deployed at our customer sites, but they're all located locally to the LAN. Would I be able to put NV150 access points in remote offices and control them via a NV1335, for instance, across the WAN - say, MPLS, for example? I've heard mixed opinions on whether the Adtran wireless controllers can do this. If not - do you have any access points that could run in autonomous mode?


      Thanks as always!



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          Unfortunately, you would not be able to control the NetVanta 150s across the WAN. The reason for that is the NetVanta 150 is connected to the Access Controller across its broadcast domain and the control protocol that is used to control the NetVanta 150 (AWCP) cannot be routed. Unfortunately, the NetVanta 150s are the only standalone access point available and can only operate in thin access mode.


          More information regarding  the NetVanta 150s and Access Controllers can be found in our wireless configuration guide:


          AOS Wireless Configuration Guide


          Let us know if you have any questions.




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