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    FXS auto-answer configuration

    andrew-jive New Member

      I'm working on a TA 924e. How do I configure an FXS port to auto-answer? I'm running the FXS ports to wall intercoms. However, they're connected to a sip-identity and will be dialed from an IP/SIP phone not connected to the Adtran.


      Current config:


      voice dial-plan 6 local 1006



      voice trunk T09 type sip

        sip-server primary reg.server.com



      voice grouped-trunk VOICETRUNK

        no description

        trunk T09

        accept $ cost 0



      voice user 1009

        connect fxs 0/1

        password "1234"

        sip-identity xyz T09 register auth-name "xyz" password "abc"


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          andrew-jive New Member

          Adtran support:


          FXS ports cannot auto-answer because the hook switch is on the device that is connected to the port.  The only way to auto-answer off an FXS port would be to have a device that will automatically go off hook when it detects ring voltage.


          I thought I had seen on a Linksys PAP2T's that you could setup auto-answer which fulfills the same application seen in the configuration posted, however, I verified that it is indeed not possible as adtran support states above.