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    Dial Plan IP 706

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      Good Evening guys,


      How you doing!?, I'm working with an IP Phone 706 and I have issues with the DIal Plan which is showed below:


      DialPlanPbx 0|2XXX|904[4-5]xxxxxx-xxxx|9xxxx-xxxx|901800xxx-xxxx|901xxxxx-xxxxx

      DialPlanExternal 0+T3|*[2-9]xx[2-9]xxxx|2XXX|904[4-5]xxxxxx-xxxx|9xxxx-xxxx|901800xxx-xxxx|901XXXXXXXXXX


      For that dial plan, I don't know what's happened but when I try to call to some numbers the phone cuts some numbers so not all the digits are sent, for example based on my dial plan If I want to call to a cell phone, which has the format 04455XXXX-XXXX, if I dial:


      90445511111111, I assume that will match the template 904[4-5]xxxxxx-xxxx, the phone only sends out 0445511111 and the call failed.


      Same happens with the 901800XXX-XXXX template, the phone misses the last 3 digits.


      If you have any suggestions on this, I will appreciate it a lot.



      PS. I'm sharing with you a config file.



      Thanks in advance,

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          There are likely two changes you are going to have to make.


          1 – The IP 700 series dial plan does not support dashes to separate out wildcards (ex: xxx-xxxx). You will need to remove them for the dial plan to work correctly on the phone.


          2 – The entry for 9xxxxxxxx is going to conflict with the one for 904[4-5]xxxxxxxxxx.  One solution is to add +T3 on the end of the less specific entry.  This will allow you to dial both, but you will have to hit the dial softkey twice, wait for the 3 second timeout, or add an extra # on the end when you dial numbers matching the dial plan entry with the +T3.


          Here is an example of what you could load in your phone to take care of both problems listed above:

          DialPlanPbx 0|2xxx|904[4-5]xxxxxxxxxx|9xxxxxxxx+T3|901800xxxxxxx|901xxxxxxxxxx

          DialPlanExternal 0+T3|*[2-9]xx[2-9]xxxx|2XXX|904[4-5]xxxxxxxxxx|9xxxxxxxx+T3|901800xxxxxxx|901xxxxxxxxxxx


          I hope this helps.