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    NetVanta 2300 Setup for Web Server

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      I am trying to configure a Gen 1 2300 to allow access to the web server behind it and I am having some issues.  We are using a T1 with 10 public IP addresses and I am trying to assign the web server to one of the addresses that are not in use.  Can someone post the procedure to do this?  My attempts have not been successful.  I thought I copied the settings from the other web server but it does not work.




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          Thank you for your question. Below is the procedure on how to setup a port forward on a 1st Gen NetVanta 2000 platform.


          -     First, you will want to add the public IP address that you want to use to access the web server to the Proxy ARP Table. This can be found by navigating to CONFIG at the top of the webpage and then Proxy Arp Table which is located on the left.

          NOTE: You will only want to do this if the IP address is NOT being used as the WAN IP address.

          -     Navigate to POLICIES at the top of the webpage and then Access Policies: To LAN on the left. At the bottom of the "To LAN" webpage, in the section for "Add", click on SUBMIT.

          -     This will take you to the "Internet Access Policy Configuration" page. Under 'Source IP', you will want to select: ANY

          -     Under 'Destination IP', you will want to specify:

                    ANY - if you want to include traffic destined to any public IP address on the AOS device


                    OTHER - if  you want to use a specific public IP

          -      If you selected OTHER, fill out the IP address below and fill in the 'Mask Bits' to be 32.

          -     Under 'Destination Port', specify the port you want to forward. You also have the option to forward all ports by selecting ANY. If you do not see the port you want to forward listed, then select OTHER and specify the port below.

          -     Set the 'Protocol Type' to the port protocol you want to forward.

          -     Set the 'Action Type' to PERMIT.

          -     'Enable NAT' should be set to "Yes"

          -     Set the 'NAT to specific policy' to OTHER and in the "OR an IP Address (if OTHER)" section, specify the IP address that you want the traffic NATted to below.

          -     Click on SUBMIT


          NOTE: You will want to make sure that the port forward is positioned on the list such that the rules above it do not catch the traffic you are attempting to forward.


          Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or issues.