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        Thank you for asking this question in the Support Community.  You cannot set AF3.  According to RFC 2597 the AF codepoints are as follows:


        AF11 = ' 001010'

        AF12 = '001100'

        AF13 = '001110'

        AF21 = '010010'

        AF22 = ' 010100'

        AF23 = '010110'

        AF31 = '011010'

        AF32 = '011100'

        AF33 = ' 011110'

        AF41 = '100010'

        AF42 = '100100'

        AF43 = '100110'


        Typically, AF3 refers to AF41, AF42, and AF43, which you can set with the set dscp af<xx>, where "<xx>" represents the AF value.  For example,


        ROUTER-NAME(config-qos-map)# set dscp af41


        I hope this answers your question, but do not hesitate to reply with additional questions.  Also, for further reference, please review Configuring QoS in AOS.



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