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    Need a 908e router programmer - please point me to the right direction.

    edwardny New Member

      Hey guys. Long story short - we are in contract with Paetec (DO NOT DO THAT!!!! They got bought out by Windstream and it's not even close to a personal touch company they used to be - now it's just politics, stupidities and ignorance - very painful, I've been with Paetec for years and it was a total bliss - not any more ) but again, we are in contract with them and have to configure our own routers - Total Access 908e to replace theirs. Windstream sent us their configuration sheet with every other line saying <DETAILS REMOVED> so even when I re-work the sheet to upload to my 908e, it's not working right. Gives error messages when I try to assign Frame Relay handoff to an IP interface, etc. Router software is the same versions on both ours and Windstreams. This router is to handle 4 T1s, 2 ethernet ports - one to go out to the internet on a public IP address and one to connect to remote sites via MPLS. So can anybody recommend me a techie who can program our routers? Looking at the config sheets from Windstream, it's a piece of cake job for someone who knows Adtran programming, but I'm not exactly a router guy. We will provide remote access via logmein to a machine that is connected to our router through serial interface. We will, of course, pay a reasonable fee. I just can't seem to find a consultant who knows much about Adtran routers.

      Many thanks to all.