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        The 900 if fed from the Provider has indepndent T1's, one for the SIP connection, and


        the second for the PRI. They are tied together with DSP chips that convert packetized voice to


        TDM voice, i.e. tones. If the primary clock goes down , we will revert to the secondary timing source

        or to our Internal oscillator. So the answer is NO, if the SIP side goes down the PRI side would not.

        You can configure a Probe, to busy out the PRI if the SIP side goes down. See also article 3383 configuring a Probe.


        You should be using firmware A4.05.00 or higher, which is available on our website.



        Here is an example as well.



        probe FAILOVER icmp-echo


        destination zzz.zzz.zzz.zzz                                                                         zzz would be an IP address like your SIP server


        source-address xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx                                                                   Means ping zzz from xxx , with xxx being usually the wan address of the adtran


        period 5


        tolerance consecutive fail 5 pass 2                                                                If 5 failures initiate probe track , if 2 pass disable track


        no shutdown




        track WANTRACK


        test if probe FAILOVER


        no shutdown



        voice trunk T02 type isdn


        description "PRI CONNECTION"


        resource-selection circular descending


        busy-out monitor track WANTRACK                                                               says busy-out this PRI if probe track initiated


        caller-id-override number-inbound 2565551212


        connect isdn-group 1




        rtp delay-mode adaptive


        codec-group 729-711

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