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    NTP vs SNTP, Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? Especially a PC

    bcrinehart Past_Featured_Member

      I've configured OpenVMS, Unix and Linux servers to request network time using NTP. On a small network where there is no server, the PCs need an accurate time source. When PCs want to know what time it is, do they look for SNTP or NTP time servers, or both?


      I configured a Netvanta 3120 to get time from nist.time.gov using NTP. It is all synced up and ready to go. There is another switch on the network, a Netvanta 1234 located in another building. I've configured a trunk between them. Both network devices have interfaces on VLAN 1. The PCs on this network connect using VLAN 10. The Netvanta 3120 has a VLAN 10 interface. It serves as the Internet router via Ethernet 0/1.


      When PCs on this network need to know what time it is, I want them to request time from the Netvanta 1234. Do I need to confugre SNTP to keep them happy?


      If I configure SNTP on the Netvanta 3120, must I unconfigure NTP?