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    Configuring switch on 3448

    elk New Member

      I'm not a routing expert by any means and I may be looking at this wrong.  I currently have a 3440 at the edge of my network.  LAN interface is  At the moment a hub is connected to that LAN interface and it has three devices connected to it.  The main device uses through  A second device uses and a third device uses  The hub is old and needs to be replaced.  So I had this idea to get a 3448 and connect the main device directly to the LAN interface.  The other two devices would be connected via the switch ports.  But I don't quite understand how to handle the routing.  Would appreciate it if someone could explain this or at least point me to documentation that explains it.  I haven't found anything yet.  Thanks.

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          jamesandrew Employee

          @elk Thanks for asking this question on the community forums! The 3448 has 8 switchports built in so you can certainly get rid of that hub. Switch > Hub because each port is it's own collision domain meaning those 3 devices can Tx and Rx full duplex simultaneously at line rate.


          As far as configuring the 3448, you can create a VLAN (or use the default VLAN 1) and assign your current LAN IP address to the interface...


          Router#conf t

          Router(config)#int vlan 100

          Router(config-intf-vlan 100)#ip add

          Router(config-intf-vlan 100)#no shut

          Router(config-intf-vlan 100)#

          2012.04.05 18:19:40 INTERFACE_STATUS.vlan 100 changed state to administratively up

          2012.04.05 18:19:41 INTERFACE_STATUS.vlan 100 changed state to up


          Next assign the # of required switchports to that VLAN (by default all switchport interfaces are in VLAN 1) Here I created ports 0/1 through 0/4 to be part of this VLAN


          Router(config-intf-vlan 100)#int range switchport 0/1-4

          Router(config-swx 0/1-4)#switchport access vlan 100

          Router(config-swx 0/1-4)#


          Next plug in your devices to the ports associated with your "LAN VLAN"


          Lastly if those devices need routed to the WAN, create a default route to your WAN interface...


          Router(config)#ip route ?

          atm                    - ATM

          demand                 - Demand routing

          frame-relay            - Frame Relay

          hdlc                   - HDLC

          loopback               - Loopback

          null                   - Null (drop packet)

          ppp                    - PPP

          tunnel                 - Tunnel

          A.B.C.D                - Forwarding router's address