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    AdTran proper QoS implementations

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      We wanted to make sure our QoS implementations were sound, so I was hoping for some feedback on what we have. We are hoping for 65% bandwidth allocation for the RTP @ a dscp of 40 and 10% bandwidth allocation for SIP signaling @ a dscp of 48. The ACLs will specify what traffic should be prioritized by either IP address for RTP or port (5060) for SIP traffic. We do send traffic to the AdTran from our core (using mlppp with a ta5k) with the same values, but wanted to be sure that if packets were received with no priority and it fell into these categories, that said packet would be marked or set. As a general practice the TA900 is *usually* the sole source or termination of the voice traffic at the Z end of the circuit (ie passing voice thru one TA900 to another voice gateway) but we do have a few scenarios where we install additional voice equipment hanging off the ethernet port(s). Example: t1 --to--> ta900e w/ analog lines --to--> SBC


      Config currently looks as follows:



      qos map VOICE 0

      match list SIP

      set dscp 48

      priority percent 10

      qos map VOICE 1

      match list VOIP

      match dscp 40 cs5

      set dscp 40

      priority percent 65


      int ppp 1

      description "Connection to TA5000"

      ip address x.x.x.x x.x.x.x

      bandwidth 1524

      media-gateway ip primary

      qos-policy out VOICE

      cross-connect 1 t1 0/1 1 ppp 1


      ip access-list extended VOIP

      permit ip any (destination RTP IPs/subnet here)

      permit ip (source RTP IPs/subnet here) any


      ip access-list extended SIP

      permit udp any  any eq 5060


      ip sip qos dscp 48


      ip rtp qos dscp 40


      Thanks for any feedback!

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          geo Employee

          Hello and thanks for posting to our forum!!!


          Your configuration looks fine.  It may be worth noting that by default, AOS voice products will tag generated rtp with DSCP 46, so we typically use DSCP values of 46 for rtp and 26 for sip.  Right now, the ADTRAN will match list VOIP OR match cs5 OR DSCP 40 and on any of those matches it will set the DSCP to 40.


          Also note that the set command will work outbound on the interface in which the QoS map is applied. 


          You can issue the command: show qos map int ppp 1 to see if packets in the QoS map are being matched.


          Best Regards,