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    I am having a power problem at my QDFR, does anyone have experience with Quad Fiber?

    frontierdan New Member

      I came upon a QDFR system that was in place and working that had no lights on it at the remote. The office Card for this system was green except the Optic light that was red. I tested the power to the back of the QDFR and all was well. I located another new unit to swap out and did. It came up and lights were lit. Optic light was green and the 4 T1 lights were red, but All 1s was present so that did not surprise me. I then went back to the office to test on T1s and looped up 1st T1 with signal. As I began to get out my computer to look at it from craft access, I noticed that the loop was gone and also that the red optic light had returned on the QDFC (office card). I returned to the remote site to find a dark unit again. I then checked the power once more as it was suggested there might be a high voltage shut off. Voltage found at the back of the QDFC was -55VDC supplied by an Adtran 1175043L3. I am stuck for ideas at this point, any help would be appreceated.