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    Voice User / Out of order packet issue

    cdegroat New Member

      I have a strange voice quality issue off an AdTran 924e 2nd Gen running OS ADTRAN, Inc. OS version A4.09.00.E.  We have replaced the device to rule out the issue, however it still occurs.  All transport has been tested clean to the customer site.  Currently, one voice user on all inbound calls, has a static/robotic sound, while the voice quality stats show Out of Order packets incrementing by the hundreds.  On outbound calls on the same line, the call stays clean for exactly 1 minute 30 seconds, before there is a click, which starts the robotic/static sounding audio, and then starts the incrementing of the out of order packets.  This only occurs on one voice user.  The issue also follows the voice user and not the fxs port as I remapped it to a spare port and the issue followed.  Anyone have any ideas on what could cause such a strange issue?


      Below is an output of voice quality stats with the issue occuring:


               Start                                        Out of  Discard   Delay  

      ID       Time     From       To         Length Codec  Order    Pkts*  Avg   Max


      2        3:40 PM  914xxxxxxx 18666xxxxxxx 27:13  G711u  2       0       50    50

      21       4:06 PM  914xxxxxxx 1516xxxxxxx 1:36   G711u  541     0       54    100

      22       4:06 PM  914xxxxxxx 1800xxxxxxx 1:13   G711u  0       0       50    50