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    TA3010, IMA uplink , EFM downlink

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             In TA3010 can I use SHDSL-16 EFM as downlink with DS1/E1 IMA as its uplink? If so, which switch Module I can use? and the configuration steps?


      Mostafa Aly

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          bp27 Employee

          You should be able to use a CSM-128 ATM Mux.  It is a lower bandwidth ATM Mux that does not have an on board uplink.  An interface on one of the supporting access modules is used as the uplink.  This is normally an 8-Port DS1 IMA Module. You would be able to build an ATM PVC from the IMA group to the associated VP/VC on the EFM module.  Note that you would potentially be creating a sugnificant "bottleneck" depending on the size of the EFM group.


          We do not currently have a provisioning guide for this application.  The best information can be gained by pulling provisioning information from the system manual (61181401L1-1A)  and the 16-port EFM Module's Installation and Maintenance manual (61181429L3-5B).  Both are posted on our website for registered users. 

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