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    How can I become an 'Honored Member' of the ADTRAN Support Community?


      While ranking plays a role, being chosen is not just about points.  Your contributions to the community and participation in special community sponsored initiatives may also be factored into the decision.


      beta1.gifBeta Member - During the beta period of the community, members were offered opportunities to earn a special Beta User Badge for their participation.  These members really helped to shape the community to get it of the ground and the Beta User Badge is a way to recognize those efforts.

      Featured Member - Featured Members are chosen by rank and community contributions.  As a reward for their valuable contributions, each Featured Member is spotlighted on the community  home page and awarded a special badge. The current Featured Member has a Gold Featured Member Badge, while members previously featured have a Grey Featured Member Badge.

      For information on how to earn points, please review our Ranking and Rating page.

      Thank you all and good luck!