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    T1 Module for NV3448 question

    brianwilliams New Member

      Good afternoon,


      I have an interesting but odd question. Before I sought to ask the question here, I was going to just test this in my lab - but I don't have the equipment that I'd need.


      The scenario is as such: A remote customer is going to be upgrading their single T1 circuit to a dual T1 circuit, which will need to be bonded inside their router - NV3448. They only have a single T1 module installed and will be ordering a dual T1 module to handle the two T1 circuits. As is, they have the T1 1/1 interface configured for the single T1 module installed and it's working properly.


      My question is this: Will the current configuration of the T1 1/1 interface be applied to the T1 1/1 interface when the existing single T1 module is removed and new dual T1 module is installed? That way when I look at the configuration post-install, I'd see both T1 1/1 and T1 1/2, but only T1 1/1 interface configured. The reason I ask is that it's a remote location - approximately 300 miles from our support center. The customer is actually going to be responsible for the installation of the WIC, so ideally I would like to make it as easy as possible without having to walk the end user through configuring T1 interfaces completely. If the existing T1 1/1 interface configuration is applied to the T1 1/1 interface of the new dual T1 module, then once the router is powered back up, I could remotely access the device and then configure T1 1/2 and then bond them.


      Thank you greatly for your feedback!