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    TA900 series CLI

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      Is there a list of various show, debug, traceroute, ping, and clear commands via CLI for trouble shooting issues?

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          I found this post to be useful:



          Debug Output

          show debuggingshows current enabled debug commands
          debug sip stack messagesshows sip debug information
          debug isdn l2-formattedshows isdn debug information (easier use)
          debug voice verboseshows all voice messaging
          debug isdn verboseshows all isdn messaging
          debug interface T1 0/4 rbsshows robbed bit signaling from CAS circuit
          undebug allturns off all debugging

          Utility Commands

          clear count mediacounters on media-gateway reset
          clear countersclears counters on interfaces
          no eventsturns off messages to the current session
          pingping an IP address
          traceroutetrace the router path to a destination IP address
          wallsends a broadcast message to all current users
          sip trunk-registration force-registerforces sip re-registration

          Show Commands

          show sip trunk-registrationshows registration status
          show media-gateway summaryshows media gateway channel status
          show media-gateway channel 0/2.1shows media gateway channel details
          show qos mapshows qos map
          show flashlists contents of the flash
          show run voice [verbose]lists running configuration for voice provisioning
          show hostsshows the hosts table with timers
          show event-historyshows events and terminal commands typed
          show interfacesshows interface details
          show systemshows uptime, firmware version and timing
          show thresholdsshows thresholds of T1 interfaces
          show usersshows current users
          show voice quality-statsshows call information including lost packets
          show voice quality-stats activeshows call information including lost
          show voice quality-stats active realtimeshows call information including lost
          show ip trafficTCP and UDP statistics
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