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    ADTRAN 830 IFCE Settings for 256K Call

    franka. New Member

      I have a ADTRAN 830 that we use for VTC conferences that are using encryption devices to connect point to point via an ISDN on a PRI line. When make calls we need to change the settings of the out going call under the dial plan ifce to match the baud rate of the device we are connecting to, which is normally 2222 for a 128K call, 2626 for a 384K call. We recently had a request for a P-to-P call at 256K baud rate which we have never done before. What would be the settings in the dial plan to make this call?

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          patrick Employee

          I’m not sure what the “2222” and the “2626” are, unless you have two different VIDEO ports with one configured for 128K and the other for 384K. The Bonding protocol should negotiate the baud rate and settle on the maximum allowed by both sides, but if you need to set it you can go to the DIAL PLAN, USER TERM, and under the IFCE CONFIG set the “Default Max DS0’s”. Each DS0 is 64k, so 128k is a maximum of 2 DS0s, 384k is a maximum of 6 DS0s, and 256k is a maximum of 4 DS0s.


          You can also use a “smart dial string” in order to make adjustments on individual calls. The format of the smart dial string is the number you want to dial, followed by #X#Y; where X represents the call type with 3=56k, and 4=64k; and Y is the number of channels. So if you dialed 256-963-8000#4#4 that would be a call to 256-963-8000 at 64k per channel and 4 channels for a total bandwidth of 256k.


          Hope this answers your question,