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    DS2 RAI errors on mx2800

    jhartman New Member

      Hello, we have a pair of mx2800's that each MUX supports a different telecom provider DS3.  One keeps sending the Adtran MIB SNMP trap 44685 which translates into "This indicates that MX2800 DS2 RAI mode clears.".  We get this several times per month and susiquently all of the voice T1's go down with it (even though in the MUX the T1's and DS3 says UP).  The status on the DS2 State within the MUX has RAI on all DS2's.


      I did see a few of the SNMP trap 44631 which translates to "This indicates that Card A of the MX2800 DS3 OOF mode clears."



      I'm not really sure that if the T1's and DS3 state are UP and okay why we would be getting DS2 RAI alerts/alarms (which again, take all of the voice T1's down on that MUX).


      We are ready to see about a MUX replacement.  We've contacted the telecom provider many times and they can't seem to find any errors on their side.


      And I'm not even sure if we have a slight misconfiguration causing these outages. 


      Any comments or suggestions are very much appreciated from this newbie!







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          adtn99 Employee



          The DS2 RAI aka Yellow Alarm you're seeing is generated by a network element upstream (carrier's network) from your MX2800 and is a indication something is happening on the XT side (DS2/DS3) between your MX2800 and the network element generating the RAI.  Is your MX2800 redundant i.e. equipped with two controller modules?  If so you can switch traffic to the redundant module which is a high speed switch (will cause a hit so you may want to wait until you maintenance window) this will help eliminate the controller module being the source of the DS2 RAI on your MX2800.


          I'd be happy to review your DS3/Network configuration of your MX2800 for provisioning errors!  Simply provide the current settings to me.


          R. Fox

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              jhartman New Member

              Hello R...I'm going to try and send you the configs directly to you per your request and want to thank you in advance for any guidance!

              Can you share your email address?  I can't send them directly to you via this method (says I must be a follower of yours to send direct attachments).


              And congrats on becoming a Grandfather...I'm still waiting for my girls.