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    Sample Adtran 3430 SBC configuration

    cjohnson New Member

      I would like to know of a sample configuration that will allow for the following scenario. I want to be able to look at the vqm/voice quality stats for all VoIP services, or at the minimum SIP Provider A and B. Also what is the Polycom phones server registration information. The LAN ip of the 3430, the provider sip server or some combination of both via registrar server and outbound proxy.



      eth 0/1

      Polycom1 Sip Provider A

      Polycom2 Sip Provider B

      Vonage ATA  Vonage



      eth 0/2


      SIP Provider A



      SIP Provider B



      Vonage Voip Service

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          cjohnson - Thanks for posting your question on the forum!


          I will need a little more information to assist you further. Is there an IP PBX connected to the Adtran or are the IP phones connecting directly to the Adtran?


          The following guide explains what configuration you will need depending on the scenario you have setup: Configuring SIP Proxy in AOS . With SIP proxy enabled, you can view information regarding phone registration using the "show sip proxy user" command.


          As far as VQM goes, you should be able to monitor the quality stats for all calls that are SIP-signaled RTP streams. Step by step instructions can be found in the following guide: Configuring Voice Quality Monitoring (VQM) in AOS . Configuration instructions for the Web GUI start on page 11 and for the CLI on page 21. There are also sample configurations available on page 28.


          Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions.




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            cjohnson - Since the IP phones are connecting directly to the Adtran, then you will more than likely need to setup the AOS SIP proxy. Which proxy mode you use depends on whether the IP phones are registering to the Adtran (Transparent Proxy mode) or to a softswitch out to the internet (Stateful Proxy mode). The following thread has some guidelines on when to use which mode: SIP Phones or IP PBX Behind an AOS Device


            You will find more details regarding the SIP proxy and sample configurations for both types of setups in the Configuring SIP Proxy in AOS guide that I mentioned in my previous post. The sample configs start on page 15.


            Let us know if you have any questions.