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    OSPF Over MLPPP Group in TA3000

    b124jr New Member

      We have a rather large customer with many locations. The majority of the locations are provided service across our fiber backbone and we use NV1544 or NV1335 at the premise to provide connectivity back to the Core. These devices use OSPF to share routes around their network. For the locations served by leased T1 circuits, we bring them back to a TA3000 and bond the circuits. The TA3000 is used for MLPPP bonding and we tag VLANs back to a Core gateway device. The problem is we can not get OSPF to work across the TA3000 bonded circuits. Is this normal or are we missing something with the provisioning for the groups?

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          dsc Employee

          The SM2 blocks downstream multicast Ethernet frames in MAC Forwarding mode.  The only exception is multicast frames that are using IGMP.  Therefore if you are using MAC Forwarding mode the OSPF Multicast frames are getting dropped.  In VLAN Forwarding mode, where each customer has to have a unique VLAN, all Ethernet traffic, including Multicast and Broadcast frames will be forwarded through the SM2.  Another thing to keep in mind should you be doing VLAN Forwarding in the SM2 is the MLPPP card for the TA3000 extracts the IP packet coming from the MLPPP link, puts it in an Ethernet frame with a learned destination MAC address of it's provisioned Gateway.  So the MLPPP card does not send a multicast MAC addresses, which means the Gateway has to be able to do OSPF Point-to-Point.