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    Incoming call routing not based on call number

    jjeffries New Member

      I've got a 908e with two PRIs and two SIP trunks. I want all the calls sent in/out PRI 1 to go in/out SIPTRUNK1, and PRI 2 in/out SIPTRUNK2. No problem, right?


      But! I want to do this w/o the 908 knowing about the phone numbers going through the box. I want to be able to set it up and forget about it, and just have the phone switch people point DIDs at the right SIP trunk. That lets the phone people pretty much deal with it from then on, which would be grrrrrreat.


      I have this working outbound (easy with permit lists on the grouped-trunks), and I figured that the same setup would work incoming, but as is now, calls coming in to either SIP trunk get routed to PRI1. I don't guess the 908 has a way to tell that certain numbers go to what trunks--they use the same IP/port on both sides, and like I said, the 908 has no idea what numbers are where. So I need to think of creative ways to get the inbound calls routed to the right PRI.


      I can think of a couple ways to get around this:

      1) Put each SIP trunk on the Adtran on a unique port (pref.) or IP address - is there a way to have a SIP trunk listen only to a certain port? IE, SIP1 on 5060, SIP2 on 5061, etc...

      2) Header matching--I'll change the switch's trunk config to send the SIP usernames in the Invites, and match/route on those... can I do that? The HMR doc makes my brain hurt.

      3) Modifying the DIDs, prepending something to the numbers which will be matched, routed on, and removed on the 908.


      Anything I'm missing?