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    Adtran MPLS WAN failover to another backup internet with Cisco ASA 5505

    stevebg4 New Member

      We have currently switched to another MPLS provider for our 2 branch locations and our central location.


      At all of our 3 locations we have a Adtran 3430 router and Eth 0/1 its going to our internal LAN switch.

      The MPLS is working fine at all the locations and the Adran 3430 is configured properly and all the locations are seeing each other

      But now we want to implement a WAN MPLS failover using our backup internet from another provider, Comcast, using their cable modem and our Cisco ASA 5505 VPN/firewall to have a site to site vpn as backup to the MPLS at each branch location  and the cetral loaction.


      Currently the Cisco ASA 5505 ports are configure as follows at each branch and central location:


      ASA port 0 to Adtran Eth 0/2

      ASA port 1 to Internal LAN switch

      ASA port 2 to Comcast modem port



      We still cant get the WAN failover to work at all using our backup internet at our branch location since the Cisco vpn tunnel is not getting activated at all.

      Any suggestions or how to resolve this WAN failover issue ?   Is the WAN failover issue wiht the Adran 3430 or the Cisco ASA?


      I can post configurations later.