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    908e and Ring Back

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      I have a 908e installed by Comcast Enterprise to provide voice service to my older Panasonic PBX PRI card.  My old telco provider did provide the ring back to the callers.  The Comcast configured box is not.  So, caller get dead air between the time the enter the digits and someone on our end answers the phone.  It would be nice to have the callers hear the phone ringing.  Our PBX cannot provide ring back.


      Comcast claims the 908e will not provide it.  I do not have config access or know anything about the 908e. 


      1. I want to verify Comcast is telling the truth about the capability of the 908e

      2. I want to know if there is a different Adtran that can be installed that will do it



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          brandonwhilden New Member

          We had a similar situation connecting to a Mitel that would not produce ringback.  We were able to fix it on the voice trunk connected to our soft switch.  We had to be on firmware 5.3 to use the ringback command.  Hope that helps.  Could also be a ringback setting in your softswitch, sending an 180 or 183...


          voice trunk T01 type sip

            description "Connection to MetaSwitch"

            caller-id-override number-inbound xxxxxxxxxx if-no-cpn

            caller-id-override emergency-outbound xxxxxxxxxx

            sip-server primary x.x.x.x

            registrar primary

            outbound-proxy primary x.x.x.x

            codec-group VOICE

            ringback override 180

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            david Employee



            Thanks for posting!  Generally speaking, there are two different ways the ring back would be handled for your scenario.  The way it is handled is usually determined by the response from your PBX.  If your PBX sends the Adtran unit a message that includes "inband audio available", that would indicate your PBX wants to play the audio.  Since it does not support playing ringback, hopefully it is not sending that information.  Alternatively, it could be sending the Adtran unit an Alerting message which would translated into a 180 Ringing message sent towards the carrier.  In this case the carrier would provide ringback. 


            We would need to see the configuration from the unit and the output of the following debug commands fully understand the problem and make any recommendations. 


            debug sip stack message

            debug voice verbose

            debug isdn L2-formatted


            If you can get access information to the unit or have your provider call us about the problem, we would be glad to help however we can.  You can create an Adtran Technical Support ticket by calling 888-423-8726.




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