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    Remote Location issues

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      First off, I will provide as much information as I possibly can until I get back to the office on Monday Morning. Second, I opened a ticket with Adtran on Friday. They were unable to get to my call at the end of business. I have been with my company for two weeks now, and I was asked to look into an issue we are having with our Remote Location.


      This was setup July of 2012.

      Friday was the first time I was able to look into this problem.

      Firmware on both was    Dated     1/6/12

      I downloaded the latest firmware version R10.5.1 which was released 2/1/13


      I did not get the Boot Rom Version, as I was waiting for Adtran to call me back in regards to my open ticket.


      Central Location and Remote Location are both using T1 1.5 Both are using NetVanta 3430's. For Data/VOIP

      Central Location's Circuit is handled by ATT. Remote Location's circuit is provided by ATT, but is our issue to deal with.

      Latency between Central to Remote is at a steady 12ms with no variation. Latency between Remote to Central is steady at 4ms with various spikes in latency jumping up to 20ms and bounces until it gets back to 4ms.


      According to one of the emails that my boss had passed down to me from one of the Remote Location users it states:


      Some weeks we lose connection to the server as often as two of three times a week. The phones and internet will still work, but no access to the server or email. Other than that there are still the same issues in regards how long it takes to open up a file, or work on programs we use through the internet *I have omitted naming the programs*.


      I also was handed down another email on Friday, this time from Central Location. "I just tried to call the Remote location and I can hear them, but they can not hear me." This is the same problem we were talking about a couple of weeks ago. I have called several different people at the remote location over the past month and had the same result.


      The circuit at the Remote Location went down Monday 2/4/13, ATT was dispatched and the circuit was down again 30 minutes later. Tuesday 2/5/13 ATT went back out and corrected the issue.


      We are trying to determine if it is an issue with their bandwidth being 1.5, and if bandwidth should be upgraded. In my opinion I believe the bandwidth should be upgraded. My boss asked if I thought 3mbps would be sufficient enough. Ultimately the company wants a cost effective solution. I do not believe that 1.5 is enough. Also, I was thinking about setting up a clone server at the remote location.


      I will be able to provide more information, config files etc on Monday.


      Much Appreciation

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          torrie - Thanks for posting your question on the forum!


          Are the main site and remote site connecting over a point to point T1 circuit, VPN, or MPLS cloud? A good place to start troubleshooting is to review the configurations and "show interface" statistics. I'd be more than happy to review these once you get a chance to post the files to this thread. Please remember to remove any information that may be sensitive to your network. Let me know if you have any questions or issues.




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