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    Adtran 7100 at main location with public ip address.  Adtran 712 phone at remote location with Adtran 3120.

    touristsis Visitor

      Hi,  I have adtran phone system at main location with 7100 as router.  I have adtran 712 phone at remote location with 3120 adtran router.  I have VPN but do not want to use it for phone traffice as i want to simulate remote office phone working without VPN.  I got the phones to come up and worked when first plug in.  How I cannot make a phone calls or get audio any more.  Can anyone lead me in the direction to troubleshoot.


      The phone works ramdonly.  Sometime I can dial *98 and it prompt me for password.  Most of the time, it doesn't do anything at all.